The History of :
Camp Lord Willing Mgmt. RV Park & Campground
Camp Lord Willing was founded in 1959 by Alfred E. and Dolores
.  Prior to 1959, the State of Michigan worked this land and
pulled out dirt for the construction of I-75.  They left the land in
disarray.  A while later, Alfred and Dolores Haines were interested in
purchasing the wooded area next door, but then saw the potential
for this piece of land.  From that point in 1959, the vision of Camp
Lord Willing took its root.  Alfred and Dolores were now proud
owners of 50 acres that needed a lot of work.  Alfred dug channels
and started the small man-made lakes.  They allowed people onto the
property to swim and tent camp on the little island up front.  The
waters were stocked with fish and fishing became a popular pastime
for many.  Gradually, trailers started pulling in wanting to stay, and
the inner circle became the first official part of the campground.

In 1988, the family created a corporation consisting of Alfred E.,
Dolores and their 10 children.  Alfred served as President until later,
their youngest son, Charles Haines was voted in as President of the
Corporation. Chuck ran the campground for roughly twelve years.  As
President, he changed the name of the campground from Camp Lord
Willing to Shady Creek.  The name lasted for about three years and
was then changed back to
Camp Lord Willing in February of 2006.  
At that same time,
Alfred E Haines, at 85 yrs old, was voted back in
President and holds that title today.  Senior Vice President is
Rick Haines.  Office Administrator and Treasurer is Pam (the
Oldest Daughter) and her husband
Greg Bentschneider is